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Code Like a Girl’s Internship Program

We partner with industry leading companies to place you in paid tech roles.

As a CLG Intern, get paid and gain real-world experience at some of the most amazing places to work in Australia! Work with established tech teams, contribute to real projects and accelerate your professional (and personal) development all while building a network of meaningful relationships with industry peers and leaders.

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We work with our industry partners to put you into a 3 or 6 month, part-time or full-time internship. We’ll work with your availability to ensure we find the right internship for you.

As well as gaining real-life tech skills and training through your internship, you’ll be invited to join our monthly Lunch, Learn & Connect sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to meet industry speakers and other interns and gain personal and professional development skills. You’ll also get free access to CLG events, our partner online learning platform and our community Slack channels.

Your criteria

To be eligible, you must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old and identify as a woman or nonbinary person
  2. Have the legal rights to work in Australia
  3. Have some coding experience
  4. Have a passion and a keen interest

So, how does it work?

  1. Apply to become an intern candidate.
    Create a profile & complete your application form on our portal. Hint: You can save at any point and come back to the form anytime.
  2. Upon submission, CLG will review your application.
    This process typically will take 3 weeks after submission. If we need any further information from you, we will reach out via email.
  3. If you’ve been successful, you will get an email/ an update on your profile.
  4. Your profile will be shared with our industry partners.
    We'll work to place you in an internship that suits your availability & skills.
    Remember: you can update your availability at any time in the portal.
  5. We will connect you via email/ an update on your profile with any of our intern partners who are interested in interviewing you.
  6. You will follow our industry partners recruitment processes.
    Typically, this will include an interview with the hiring manager at the company.
  7. If successful, you will receive an internship offer from our industry partner!
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"I owe so much of my thriving software career to Code Like a Girl’s internship program and the experience I gained in the internship. I can say with certainty that I would not have achieved this level of success or found myself in such a fulfilling career without Code Like a Girl"
Hillary Dworkoski, Conserve It, 2018

Read more about the impact a Code Like a Girl Internship program has had on intern alumni, as well as School of Code students and all others involved in our programs!

Our Industry Partners

We are thrilled to team up with an amazing group of organisations in Australia to offer our Internship Program. These companies share our passion for building diverse teams and creating fair workplaces.

Interested in becoming an industry partner? Our internship program opens doors to a world of possibilities.

By partnering with us, you not only contribute to creating diverse and inclusive workplaces but you are also empowering the next generation of tech professionals.

Get in touch with us to gain access to a pool of skilled women and non-binary individuals whom you can nurture to grow and build your teams.

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