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  • Introduction
  • Our values
  • Raising a concern

Code of Conduct

Code Like a Girl was created to bring like-minded people together to share experiences, knowledge and stories in a supportive and inclusive space. As such, CLG is dedicated to providing a safe, fun and most importantly, a harassment-free experience for all our community, across all of our services and programs.

We expect everyone to be treated equally and with respect, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, family structure, socio-economic status, religion (or lack thereof), or programming language preference.

We do not tolerate harassment of any form in our community. This Code of Conduct applies to all CLG programs and services, including public community events and coding camps. It applies to the Code Like a Girl ecosystem, including all employees, contractors, students, interns, volunteers, clients, and event attendees.

Our values

At Code Like a Girl, we have a set of values that reflect what we stand for and shape the way we foster an internal culture. We strive to make sure these values come through at every CLG event, program and service.

We are inclusive

We're a deeply accessible community of women and gender minorities, choosing to collaborate and not work against each other. We deeply love our community. We are committed to continue to show up for our community, and those who need our support most. We love it when our community speaks up and gets involved.

We are curious 

We spur the curiosity in kids and adults, giving them the confidence to fail and enjoy. We use humour to cut through a topic that can often feel tired or heavy/complex. We ask questions, sideline assumptions and always seek to grow our knowledge and understanding - of tech and each other!

We are brave

We believe in a smarter path, in taking risks, in creatively challenging the status quo through an action mindset. We love to immerse ourselves in emerging technology and strive to be continuously learning and growing. Only by questioning long-held views and priorities can we make the changes necessary to increase diversity and inclusion in tech.

We are grounded

We’re authentic, honest, responsible role models for women and gender minorities. By being deeply transparent, we provide peace of mind of our community, honouring the trust our community places in us.

Additional guiding principles

  • We treat each other and our community respectfully, courteously and with dignity
  • We are fair and honest in our dealings
  • We are responsible for our actions and accountable for their consequences
  • We respect the law and act accordingly
  • We are a rights-based organisation

raising a concern

Please reach out to us at with the subject line “Code of Conduct” if any of the following happens:

  • someone makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or uncomfortable at a CLG event, program or service;
  • you are experiencing or witnessing any inappropriate or concerning behaviour at a CLG event, program or service;
  • someone lets you know that they are uncomfortable about another person’s behaviour at a CLG event, program or service (seek their permission first).

We will handle your complaint as a matter of priority, with absolute seriousness and in the strictest confidence.

As a team, we are guided by the following steps when raising concerns:

  • We encourage employees to first confidentially raise any concerns with their line manager and/or HR Manager in a timely manner in the first instance.
  • Complaints are handled sensitively and in confidence. It is important to note that the person the complaint has been raised about must be informed of the formal complaint and have the opportunity to respond.
  • Assurance will be sought from the person who is the subject of the complaint that there will be no reprisals or victimisation against the complainant. It will be made clear that the allegation is a very serious matter and, if substantiated, may result in termination of their employment with CLG.
  • If necessary, the manager of the accused person will be informed of the complaint and any action agreed to resolve it. The manager may be required to monitor the situation.
  • Complaints deemed to be vexatious and an abuse of this policy may lead to disciplinary action against the complainant, up to and including termination of employment or cessation of engagement with CLG.

This policy was updated on 31 December 2021. Read the complete version of our Code of Conduct Policy here.