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Happy Online Learning Day!

September 15th is Online Learning Day. Online Learning Day is a great way to celebrate the wealth of learning resources and information available online. The internet has revolutionised the way in which we research, study and learn, allowing us to deliver flexible learn to code programs that empower students all over the world.  Having access to online learning communities is so integral to our beliefs and why we started our School of Code online courses.

Making coding courses accessible and affordable isn’t just important to us - it’s a necessity. It’s been estimated that Australia will have a demand for an extra 60,000 tech workers over the next five years. However statistics show we are only seeing 7,000 university graduates each year. This is where the benefits of online learning come into action. What better way to learn these much-needed technology skills than with technology itself?

To celebrate Online Learning Day, we’ve rounded up a list of our favourite digital resources to get you started on your web development journey. 


For all things HTML, CSS and JavaScript this website is a lifesaver. With tutorials, examples and explainers to help you improve your web development skills, HTML Dog is a great tool to bookmark for beginners. Experienced coders will find value in their resource page which lists a glossary of common tags and attributes for HTML and CSS. 

Code Conquest

Code Conquest takes the idea that learning to code is too big of a challenge (a conquest if you will) and debunks it. The website is a step-by-step guide for beginners, breaking down what coding even is, why you should be interested and where is the best place to begin. Once you start to feel comfortable coding, they even have quizzes and techniques for you to take on and conquest! 


Imagine you could sharpen your programming skills alongside your peers? Codewars makes that possible by offering a series of small coding exercises called "kata". You can choose from a range of 55+ supported languages to take these kata on. Each kata you power through will rank you higher and you can even build your own kata challenges as well.  

The Odin Project

It’s not hard to imagine why The Odin Project is one of the most well-known full stack curriculums readily available on the Internet. The website is super user-friendly, cuts through a lot of the technical jargon and it’s completely free. The program is beginner-friendly and covers the basics of web development before moving on to more advanced languages. 

Free Code Camp

As the name suggests, Free Code Camp aims to educate the public on web development and coding and they do it all for free. Upon learning through blogs, videos and articles, you’ll be awarded with a certificate of completion that may just help you land your dream tech job. 

Want to learn a bit more about the online education offerings at our School of Code? Get some popcorn and get comfy while you watch our Lead Technologist Sarah explain the courses we have on offer on our YouTube channel. Our courses are beginner-friendly and designed and taught by some of the best women in the biz. We have self-led options so you can learn at your own pace or Guided classes, where you can network with other like-minded online students. 

Sounds exciting? Find out even more info at our free Info Session upcoming on September 27th. Register here! Our next intake for Guided Python and Web Dev courses begins early October so do not delay in securing your spot.

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