Code Like A Girl is a community of women and girls inspired by technology, hungry to grow their coding skills and share it with others.

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Do you often wonder what coding is really all about? Or do you daydream of working in the tech industry? A lot of women are intrigued by coding but are intimidated by the learning curve or simply doubt their ability. There are so many misconceptions about code, like assuming you need to be great at math or that coding is just something men are better at.

The Code Like a Girl community of women coders knows first-hand that these perceptions are absolute bollocks. Our organisation exists to dispel these myths and to empower as many women as possible with real coding skills. (But also, we just want more women in tech to hang out with.)

Unfortunately, a lot of coding courses are dominated by men, which presents a pretty big barrier for a woman trying to overcome any imposter syndrome. That’s why we’ve rallied some of the best in the biz to design our courses specifically for women students. They’re suitable for absolute beginners and allow learners to work at their own pace. Our group tutoring sessions provide a safe space to ask questions, share learnings and meet like-minded women.

The School of Code is your gateway into tech. Ready to start coding?

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Like so many businesses, 2020 had a big impact on our organisation. It also had a major impact on the employability of women around the world. In line with our mission, we feel it's our duty to shift our attention to the widening employment gap and commit our energies to adult education. To do this effectively, we've had to make the sad decision of placing our coding camps on hold for the indefinite future.

Our passion for teaching young girls to code remains strong and we hope to build new digital spaces and interactivities for this group in the future.

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