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6 Tech Companies with Internship Opportunities

So you’ve completed coding bootcamps and maybe even a computer science course, are confident in your knowledge and you’re now wondering, ‘where to next?’ and ‘​​where do I find companies that hire coding bootcamp graduates?’.

To kick start your career in tech, we recommend exploring internship opportunities with leading tech companies. Internships are a fantastic way to get hands-on industry experience, make industry connections, build your portfolio and develop your skill sets while working on real projects.

Here is a selection of 6 amazing Code Like a Girl industry partners who have exciting and flexi internship programs that you may like to research and consider applying for as your next step to find a job you love in information and communications technology.


Mav3rik is a cloud solutions and application development provider on Salesforce with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and the Philippines. They are experts on all things Salesforce, ​​app development, integration, user experience, and the use of cloud and open-source technologies.

The team at Mav3rik prides itself on their supportive and inclusive team culture with regular meetups, lunches and activities. Don’t just take our word for it that it’s an awesome place to work, staff survey data reveals 97% of Mav3rik employees believe it is a great place to work (in comparison to the average of 55% of employees at a typical Australian-based company this is one impressive stat). 

On their website they share, ‘Mandated diversity isn’t part of company policy or anything, but it’s something that we are genuinely passionate about. We inherently believe it to be an essential cornerstone of any business, especially in the tech industry, where certain voices are seldom fairly represented’. 

Another big plus? They support several initiatives to give back including team volunteer events, pro bono work and the 1% pledge, where a percentage of their profit, time and equity is given to charity.


Body: IAG is a large insurance company based in Sydney that has over 10,000 employees globally and a long history (they’ve been helping people recover from natural disasters, accidents and losses since 1851!). They specialise in underwriting, home and motor claims, CTP, life insurance, travel insurance, lifestyle and leisure insurance, home security, risk, reinsurance and shared value.

In addition to internships, IAG runs a fantastic Graduate Program in their Actuarial and Analytics, and Technology and Operations teams. The program runs for 18 months and gives recent university graduates the opportunity to experience different projects and develop their skills. 

About his experience in the Actuarial Graduate program Fox Crowley shares, ‘You’re valued as a person, and mindfulness and self care goes beyond corporate slogans – it exists in the DNA of the company. There is a real respect for work-life balance and mental health’. 

Red Marble AI

Headquartered in Melbourne, Red Marble is a software development firm that specialises in AI with 12 employees. Working across 5 types of AI including conversation and language, hyper-personalisation, outlier detection, prediction and recognition, Red Marble’s overarching focus is on AI to enhance human performance and workforce productivity. 

They support clients on strategy, rapid prototyping, software delivery and commercial AI Products. Some of their most notable clients include Coca-Cola Amatil, Microsoft, RMIT University and Webjet.

About their partnership with Code Like a Girl Red Marble AI CEO, Dave Timm says ‘Diversity is important in creating high quality and representative AI. It just works better.’ Find out more about Red Marble’s recent experiences with hiring bootcamp graduates and software engineer here.

Lexicon Digital

Lexicon Digital is a software consultancy with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. Lexicon Digital’s speciality areas include agile software development, experience design, product design, UX design, UI design, mobile development and more. So if any of these areas spark your interest this may be the perfect place for you to intern or apply for your first job.  

A cool thing about this company is that they have a hybrid model of working. Team members come into the office one day a week (or more if they desire) and for frequent team events to maintain that in-person connection. With monthly games nights, annual retreats, hackathons, conferences and even a company basketball team, it looks like the folks at Lexicon have a stellar team culture. In fact, 97% of the Lexicon team said it was a great place to work in a recent survey.

When we asked Lexicon Digital why they chose to become an intern partner with Code Like A Girl, Mailys Perfrement their People Experience and Marketing Specialist said ‘we are strongly aligned to [CLG’s] mission of supporting and helping women enter the tech industry. It is often quite difficult to hire/find women in this industry, therefore partnering with them assisted us in having larger talent pools and in turn employing some great women!’. 


A fintech company, superfund and administration business, Netwealth is one of the fastest growing wealth management businesses in Australia. Their HQ is in Melbourne, but they have offices dotted all around the country. They employ over 450 people and have more than 107,000 account holders. 

As well as their internships, Netwealth started a graduate program in 2022 where they welcomed two graduates to their IT department and an additional two grads into their operations team. Find out more about Netwealth’s graduate opportunities and positions here.

The platform has received many awards from BRW Fast 100, Money Magazine, Super review, Selecting Super and Investment Trends. But all these accolades haven’t gone to their head with loads of corporate sustainability and give-back initiatives on the go, including frequent volunteer days, employee surveys, clothing drives and bake sales just to name a few.

Conserve It

Conserve It’s mission is to make buildings smarter and more intelligent through innovation, reliability and efficient energy-saving solutions. Based in Melbourne, the team comprises 30+ engineers, developers and industry specialists. The company is active at industry conferences and events, holding hackathons and team activities.

They are experts in smart IoT solutions, smart building solutions and HVAC optimisation solutions with projects in over 20 countries around the globe. Silvia Yembi, Software Developer at Conserve It shares, ‘the most rewarding part of my job is when I see my hard work being released and used in a real plant’.  

As part of our internship partnership, Code Like a Girl placed Hillary Dworkoski, a Diploma of Software Development graduate, with Conserve It. Hillary was offered a full time position at Conserve It after completing her internship. 

Talking about the internship Hillary says, ‘day to day it’s problem solving, you get stuck into something and you will be working on it for a couple of hours and you don’t even realise that time has past...I just decided to try this and it turned out to be exactly what I wanted to do. And the company I now work for makes commercial air-conditioning systems more efficient, so I also know I’m doing some good in the world’. 

Thinking about undertaking an internship? Code Like a Girl’s internship program is the perfect place to start to get real-world experience in leading tech companies doing incredible things like those above. Apply now.

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