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Women in Tech Profile: Rachel Power

One of our favourite types of career stories at Code Like a Girl is when a woman discovers her passion for tech unexpectedly from another industry. 

When this month’s Woman in Tech Rachel was asked to represent her Bunnings store within a tech project, she found a passion and drive for tech. 14 years on and that drive still inspires her to keep seeking a future that positively pushes tech forward. 

Please enjoy Rachel’s unique story and advice for others.

Can you tell us about the journey that led you to a career in technology?

My journey started by beginning my career not in technology but in our stores. As a user of our existing technology solutions, I was asked to represent our store teams within the Technology function by providing knowledge of what is needed to best support in their roles day-to-day as part of a major system implementation at the time.

Since entering tech, what has your career progression looked like?

Since entering the technology space, I've been involved in both running and leading User Acceptance Testing practices both here and in the U.K. as well as moving into IT Project Management. I've then jumped into leading cross functional delivery teams where I am excited to be right now. Though that is a brief description, it's been a 14 year journey which has exposed me to various elements and teams within the technology space and has provided me with opportunities to work with stakeholders across the business

Who or what inspires you as a woman in technology?

I am inspired by those who have a vision of where they want to be and/or what they want to contribute to in-line with strong personal values and being their authentic self. It's inspiring to witness people progressing towards and achieving their goals as well as working within a respectful team environment.

Why do you think diversity in tech is important?

Having a diverse team can provide opportunities to share knowledge, experience and skills which develop the individuals within the team and support capability within the organisation or field to deliver creative and innovative outcomes and solutions. I think diversity in any industry for these reasons is important but within the tech sector career pathways can be unclear which can limit the opportunities for further diversity in the field.

Do you have advice for women or diverse individuals who might be considering moving to a role in tech?

Understand what you value, what you are passionate about and what do you want to contribute to each day then look at the attributes of what a role in technology may look like for you. This may lead to understanding the types of roles which fit your interests as there are many options and pathways available.

What is your dream or goal for the future of tech?

For tech to have a future which is optimistic, uplifting, and continues to evolve bringing creative and innovative ideas and solutions to life in a positive and responsible way.


What's the best investment you've made in your career under $1000? iPad over physical notepad for note taking on the go.

What's your favourite quote or mantra? How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Name a book that's inspired you? The Accidental Entrepreneur by Janine Allis

One piece of tech you can't live without? A phone to be able to access what you need when you need

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