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“I'll be a better leader tomorrow because of what I learned today.”

These are wise words from Bunnings Delivery Lead Jackie Leslie, who is motivated to continue growing to help her team become future industry leaders and professionals.

Jackie is eager to share her wisdom, her learnings and her 10 key pieces of advice with the next generation of women in tech and aims to foster positive changes and inclusive workspaces. 

You can learn more about this inspiring woman in tech here:

Can you tell us about the journey that led you to a career in technology? 

Despite being good at the humanities in high school, I had a desire to live and work overseas while travelling. I thought that studying Computer Science at Uni would help me achieve that goal.

Since entering tech, what has your career progression looked like?

I started my journey as a Software Engineer, working on client/server web applications, progressed through to Dev Manager, Principle Engineer and then pivoted to project delivery - Scrum Master/Program Manager, Project Manager, and now Delivery Lead. I have worked in San Francisco, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth.

Who or what inspires you as a woman in technology?

As a people leader, there is no better motivation than encouraging and guiding team members in reaching their career goals and watching them evolve into the next generation of innovators and leaders. I thrive in an environment that is constantly challenging me to learn new things. I'll be a better leader tomorrow because of what I learned today.  Also, I am inspired by my team and co-workers, who are awesome, talented colleagues and are passionate about what they do. Lastly, as a mother of young children, I want to be a positive role model for them, and show them that great satisfaction can be achieved by lifting up others.

Why do you think diversity in tech is important?

Diversity brings different perspectives to tech, the ability to question the status quo and break the bias. An inclusive environment fosters a positive culture where team members are engaged, and feel comfortable sharing experiences and asking questions of others without fear. Having the confidence to share our unique views and experience while working together, can lead to innovative products and working environments that are enjoyed by everyone.

Do you have advice for women or diverse individuals who might be considering moving to a role in tech?

Some things that I've learned over the years:

  1. Don't be afraid to fail.

  2. Find a great mentor.

  3. Grab opportunities and challenges with both hands - don't be afraid to take risks.

  4. Preparation - know your stuff.

  5. Confidence is key.

  6. Speak up and be yourself.

  7. Find the things that you love doing and that motivate you and do them.   

  8. Never stop learning. Technology is constantly evolving. 

  9. Ask the questions.

  10. Help others.

What is your dream or goal for the future of tech? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven an increase in the adoption of digital technologies, accelerated by the advances in internet speeds, machine learning and artificial intelligence.  I hope that we can use these technologies to address some of the global challenges we are facing today in food security and climate change.


What's the best investment you've made in your career under $1000?

Beats noise cancelling headphones.

What's your favourite quote or mantra?

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

Name a book that's inspired you?

Dare to Lead - Brene Brown.

One piece of tech you can't live without?

My phone.

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