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Ho ho ho, it’s the Code Like a Girl-approved Holiday Gift Guide.

Tis the season for celebrating the loved ones in your life! While we know there is more to the holidays than presents, it is still a key player in the neverending stress of the season. We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of gift-giving and got you covered with a list of our favourite things, from Twoobs to emotional support Frank Green water bottles to everything in between. 

We have done our best to highlight as many Australian or local organisations as we can, as well as provide a range of ideas for different budgets. We know that with the cost of living crisis, more people are experiencing financial insecurity than ever before. That’s why we’ve also included some cost-friendly ideas to keep you, your wallet and your loved ones feeling the festive spirit.

Keep reading to find out what the Code Like a Girl team is loving this year and it may help you cross someone off your Christmas list. 

For the office Secret Santa:

Nothing throws a spanner in the works like an office gift exchange. What do you give the people you spend most of your weekdays with but rarely interact with outside of office hours? We’ve compiled a few ideas that we think strike that balance below. 

Daily Planner

You are likely no stranger to aesthetic stationery, but V.M. Verre is a stand-out. Not only are they a Sydney-owned small business but their products put the environment and ethics at the forefront. 

Loop Noise Cancelling Earplugs

Sometimes the ambient office noises can get a little too overwhelming… so a pair of noise-cancelling earbuds could help any colleague achieve their flow state.

Proud Mary Coffee Beans (or any beans from your local) ⭐

With the majority of the CLG team hailing from Melbourne, we’re a bit biased when it comes to coffee. While we love Proud Mary, any beans from your local coffee shop would be a hit with the coffee connoisseur at your workplace.

For the upskiller:

Do you have that friend who is always on their self-improvement journey? Whether it’s trying a new course or listening to a new podcast on bettering their mindset, this friend knows what they want in life and they go for it. That’s why we’ve nailed down a few of your favourite productivity tools. 

July Tech Travel Kit

Cable management meets style with the July Tech Travel Kit. If your pal travels a lot or just likes to keep organised, this nifty little kit will hold all their cords, devices and extra bits nicely.

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before - by Dr. Julie Smith?

This book has been blowing up online and for good reason - it’s the perfect guidebook for anyone who needs a positive pick-me-up and assistance with productivity.  

Logitech POP Mechanical Keyboard

Maybe it’s not the most practical but this Logitech mechanical keyboard is too cute not to include. Your tech-enthusiast friend will thank you.

For the bestie:

 When we say bestie, this could also be a friend, a sibling or whoever you love most in the world. So how do you show them how much you love them? By giving them a gift that shows you care about them!

Emotional Support Water Bottle from Frank Green.

Where would one be without the emotional support water bottle? If you can’t be there for your best friend’s venting hopefully sturdy, reliable and no-spills Frank can. And keep them hydrated all at the same time.

Hey Tiger Chocolate

The holidays are a time for snacks and Hey Tiger Chocolates are the perfect little treat. You’re sure to spoil your best friend (and yourself) thanks to this Melbourne local’s variety of flavours.

Mabu Mabu cookbook

In honour of the Australian landscape, consider gifting a copy of First Nations chef Nornie Bero’s new cookbook. Filled with delicious recipes featuring native ingredients and personal stories, it’s a delight for your foodie friend. 

For you:

Yes, you! You deserve to celebrate yourself too to cap off 2023. Maybe you are feeling a bit down this festive season or want to start 2024 with a bang, treat yourself to one of the below.

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

This might not sound like a luxury but your physiotherapist will thank you. If you have been putting off upgrading your WFH space since 2020 this is your chance to start.


Staying stylish (and ethically conscious) in Summer in Australia does not have to be a challenge thanks to TWOOBS. The CLG team loves them - the only downfall is choosing the right colour! 

Tickets to the Eras Tour (a girl can dream right?)

Probably the biggest item on our wishlist and the one that caused the most grief. If you were lucky to survive the Ticketek loading screen experience we applaud and envy you greatly. For everyone else, add this to your wishlist and hope for the best. 

Finance-Friendly Gift Ideas

  • Spotify Wrapped inspirations - Wrapped season is the gift that keeps on giving. Find out your friend’s top five songs of the year and print the lyrics out to make a booklet they can look back on (or cringe at next year). Or get creative on Canva and design a poster inspired by their number one song.

  • Get jammin' - If you’ve been hoarding jars in your cupboard for months, now is the time to shine! Jam is delicious, easy and (mostly) stress-free. Check out this guide for tips. Bonus points if you still have a sourdough starter from lockdown and can bake bread too. If not, try this 4 ingredient recipe.

  • Plant profits: Get your green thumb into gear and take in your surroundings. Do you have anything growing in your garden you could bundle together? What about a neighbour who could spare a few lemons from their tree or a parent with an impressive herb garden? While brand-new boutique plants can be pricey, the natural world is bursting with potential presents.

  • Share an experience: The gift of time is one we all wish we had more of so spending the day with someone can mean more than a physical item. There is lots of fun to have frugally like a day at the beach, going on a hike with a friend or doing a day trip to a (budget-friendly) regional town nearby.   

  • Offer your services: Chances are if you are reading this you may know a thing or two about technology. Double the chances you know a person (possibly an older relative) who just can’t get their electronics to play nice. Spend an afternoon going through the instruction manual and helping them set up their new gadget. They’ll be so thankful and think of you when they use that item - although you run the risk of being the go-to person for all computer calls for eternity.

However you spend the holidays we hope you stay safe and feel connected to the people you love. Best wishes from the Code Like Girl team!

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