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We always knew our coding camps would go viral, and our autumn 2020 camps are just what the doctor ordered! 



Experts are forever trying to predict the jobs of the future. But you don’t need a brain surgeon to tell you that – like technology – healthcare will be around for the long-term. But in recent years the prognosis for healthcare has become increasingly more technical, giving birth to the MedTech industry – a dual-diagnosis we’re bloody excited about!


Code red? Code blue? Let’s leave the medical jargon in the ED. Your favourite GirlGang has a finger on the pulse and will teach you all the necessary code to cure what ails ya.

By the time we discharge you, your file will include each of the following:

  • Javascript: not quite like a doctor’s script, but definitely a lifesaver. Javascript is the most popular programming language that sits behind the magic of the web.
  • Python: this ain’t no snake-oil. Python is a multipurpose, readable and beloved language used by machine-learners and beginners alike.
  • Scratch: no ointment required. We’ll use Scratch to introduce you to block-based coding and explore the fundamentals of programming logic!

Worried about your latent coding skills? Take a few deep breaths and lay back, because our team of experts are the best in the business when it comes to uncovering technical talent. We won’t even need to run any tests!


Our camps are so much more than just code. We’ll give your curiosity the chance to tinker and grow your technical confidence. But most importantly, we’ll help you find your crew by introducing you to like-minded young women. Because after all, laughter still is the best medicine.

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8:45am: Drop-off and registration (8am early drop off tickets available)
A fun-filled day of coding workshops, games and tutorials
3:30pm: Pickup


21 Apr - 23 Apr
Girls aged 8-12
ASMS, Building 8 (adjacent to Carpark 18), Flinders University, Sturt Road, Bedford Park SA 5042


Code Like a Girl’s coding camps complement the National Digital Technologies curriculum. We’re committed to providing girls with a nurturing environment where they can comfortably learn and explore different areas of coding at their own pace, based on their own interests.

At just 20 girls per cohort, our coding camps are small in size to maximise learning outcomes. Breaking down barriers for women to participate in STEM and entrepreneurship is at the core of what we do and we’re committed to encouraging more girls to realise their potential.

But you can’t be what you can’t see, so all of our inspirational camp facilitators are female role models who work in the tech and education industries. Students will also hear from guest speakers sharing their real life experiences from within the industry.


No, parents need to supply a (nut-free) packed lunch.

Pencil case
Please ensure your child has sunscreen applied before arriving
A morning tea snack, packed lunch and drink just as you would pack for their regular school lunch
A small USB drive

No, we will have all technology equipment on site. Students will be required to use the devices provided. This will ensure that we can set up all devices with the correct connectivity settings and software beforehand to maximise our time in the workshops. Code Like a Girl does not take any responsibility for damage or loss of any devices brought to the workshops by students.

Yes! Your child will learn basic coding concepts using both online and offline activities and games. She will work through the program at her own pace.

Yes! This is a great opportunity for your budding coder to meet like-minded friends and apply her skills to new projects. There will be a number of open-ended activities that will extend your child and keep her feeling engaged and challenged.

Yes. The concepts introduced will build on the previous sessions.

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