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Programming with C#

Course Overview

There are literally thousands of jobs ads listed for developers with C# experience. If you’re keen on career in tech, Programming with C# will look great on your resume as it’s currently one of the most sought after languages in the job market.

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Course Experience

C# is used in web development as a back-end language. Nearly all FinTech uses this comprehensive language. Its syntax sits behind most desktop applications on Windows as it’s known to play nicely across the spectrum of mobile devices. Still not sold? This clever code is also popular amongst gamers, particularly within the Unity framework of games creation. 

As one of the most well-established languages, C# also comes with one of the biggest developer communities. So if you’re looking for a strategic stepping-stone into a tech career or you’re hungry to expand your existing skillset, Programming with C# is totally your jam.

You'll Learn

  • C# syntax
  • Logic and conditional flow
  • Variables, loops and functions
  • Simple but interactive app development
  • Data structures
  • Trouble-shooting solutions
  • Modules and packages

By the end of the course you'll

  • Understand the C# Syntax
  • Be able to build a simple interactive app
  • Have a comprehension of one of the most powerful coding languages in the industry, giving you a solid foundation for further education or potentially an internship.

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