For Interns

The admission process

  1. What is the application process?

    Step 1: Complete the application form
    Step 2: CLG reviews your application into the program. This usually happens within the last week of each month (except December & January)
    Step 3: You receive an email to confirm if you've been successful in joining our program.
    Step 4: We share your profile with our industry partners. Please contact us at if any of your details including your CV change.
    Step 5: We will connect you via email with any of our industry partners who ask to interview you. They will then take you through their recruitment process.
    Step 6: If successful, you receive an internship offer.

  2. Can I apply if I have a university degree, or have completed an immersive/bootcamp?

    Absolutely. The internship is focused on empowering motivated and ambitious people to launch into a meaningful tech career.

  3. Can I apply if I do not have a university degree, or have not completed an immersive/bootcamp?

    Absolutely! You are welcome to apply. The program is tailored for those who do not have formally recognised qualifications, however, we require applicants to have a base level knowledge of coding acquired through self-learning or attending short courses.

  4. I'm looking to switch careers. Is the CLG Internship a good option for me?

    Yes, the internship is designed to help motivated and ambitious people get their first job in a new field or career, even if they don’t have a formal qualification.

  5. Can I reapply if I’m unsuccessful the first time?

    Yes! Applicants are welcome to reapply if they are not initially successful. Simply fill in the application form online again. We believe that talent and skills can improve over time, so repeat applicants are treated no differently to first-time applicants.

  6. Can I participate if I’m not an Australian citizen?

    While citizenship is not essential, all applicants must have working rights to work in Australia.

  7. Are there any fees or costs?

    There are no fees or costs for applicants participating in the internship.

Careers & Learning

  1. What jobs will I do during the internship?

    The internship will train you for fulfilling, limitless careers. A sample of the roles you may work in include:

    • Front-end/back-end development
    • Data science/visualisation
    • AI/Machine learning
    • DevOps
    • Software development

  2. What companies do you partner with?

    We carefully select industry leaders to partner with. Organisations are assessed on the following criteria:

    • WGEA Accreditation
    • Female leadership at a board and/or senior level
    • Progressive workplace policies and practices dedicated to further equality in their workplace
    • A commitment to providing a supportive learning environment

  3. What are the benefits of doing the internship as opposed to a bootcamp or university?

    Bootcamps and tertiary qualifications are great however, we realise that not everyone:

    • learns best in a classroom (despite practical elements that might be woven into the course).
    • has the financial ability to pay for an immersive, or has the time commitment to leave work unpaid to study. We’ve created an option where you can crack into your tech career by learning on the job, with the possibility to step into a paid role once the internship is complete.

  4. How is the internship structured?

    • The program will require you to work on site (unless remote working is approved by the industry partner) at the organisation you are placed with.
    • You will also join the CLG team and your fellow interns at our monthly Lunch, Learn & Connect sessions virtually for group mentoring.

  5. How can I be sure the internship will be worth it?

    • The value the internship will provide will depend on your goals and level of participation in the program. If you can actively engage in the opportunities and challenges you’re presented with, use our learning platform to continue to improve your skills, and seek feedback, you’ll experience huge personal growth and set yourself on an exciting and successful career path, full of opportunities.
    • Organisations are participating because they are seeking talented individuals to join their tech team, so there is a high likelihood you’ll end the program with a job offer. This means sidestepping traditional barriers to entry such as student loans and financial constraints and starting your career in a great job and company with a competitive salary.
    • Flexible internship with leading tech company + professional development support with CLG = Foundation for a successful career. No student loan required.

For Industry Partners

  1. How do the intern group mentoring sessions work?

    • We refer to them as 'Lunch, Learn & Connect' sessions.
    • They are held once a month over a lunch break, between 12:30pm to 2pm. Currently we run them on the third Tuesday of each month (except in Dec and Jan)
    • It's a time you'll need to pencil in your diary to allow your CLG intern to attend and spend the day with us (either in-person or virtually). 
    • The sessions are an opportunity for industry experts and leading practitioners to share their knowledge with our candidates looking for internships and interns. It focuses on professional development and connecting the interns with each other and our team.
    • We absolutely love it when our Industry Partners are guest speakers in the sessions; so if any of your staff would like to volunteer to do a 45 minute session, please reach out. These can be simply sharing your story or your knowledge in a soft skills or technical workshop.

  2. Are there any fees to participate?

    • Organisations will pay a program fee to cover the costs associated with running the internship program. The fee is dependent on the duration of the internship and is payable at the time the intern commences.
      • $2,400 + GST for a 3-month internship
      • $4,000 + GST for a 6-month internship
    • No fee is payable if the organisation does not appoint an intern.

  3. What does the fee cover?

    • Advertising and promotion of the internship program
    • Screening and management of interns
    • Organising and running the monthly Brown Bag Lunch, Learn & Connect sessions.

  4. What’s the screening process for the interns?

    Interns will have:
    • a strong desire to learn and a passion for technology
    • strong communication skills, emotional intelligence and maturity
    • a base level of coding knowledge.

  5. Will the industry partner review the intern before they receive a position?

    As our industry partner, you'll have the ability to take the intern through your own recruitment process and the intern will need to be successful (at your complete discretion) before they are formally offered a position.

  6. What is the salary of the intern and who pays this?

    The salary is dependent on the role and industry the intern is receiving. This can change dependent on the industry modern award. Industry Partners are advised to seek employment advice as to the appropriate training wage and how the intern is employed. It is the responsibility of Industry Partners to pay the intern's salary.

  7. What level of experience will the interns have?

    Interns will have limited exposure or experience in tech - however they will have a base level knowledge of coding. They might be a recent university or immersive/bootcamp graduate, or they might be self-taught and seeking a career change.

  8. What is the benefit of our organisation becoming an Industry Partner?

    • Code Like a Girl screens organisations to understand their commitment to gender diversity. Organisations selected are therefore recognised as industry-leading for their commitment to furthering equal representation and equity in their organisations.
    • Reduce time spent on advertising and screening entry-level roles.
    • Extend their applicant reach to those in the CLG community and recruit from a diverse pool of applicants.

  9. What is required of the industry partner?

    We select industry partners who are committed to gender equality in their work. As an industry partner, it is your responsibility to:

    • ensure you are abiding by relevant employment law/legislative requirements
    • provide a supportive and enriching learning environment
    • assign staff who will provide the intern with mentoring, training and supervision
    • provide a meaningful role and work that the intern can complete

  10. Our organisation has never had an intern before and we're not sure what the intern should do?

    Having an intern previously is not a prerequisite and CLG will be happy to assist and provide guidance as you prepare to host your first intern. Some common tasks an intern could complete:

    • Testing
    • Attending client meetings
    • Template work
    • Project work

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